Forever Young

4everI took a week off from posting. Oops. Actually…. I totally did that purposely. For Labor Day. Yeah… let’s go with that.

For anyone who cares, I am currently sitting in my room, lit up by white Christmas lights, enjoying the feeling of a rainy evening and eating warm food. It’s really wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Who out there has ever used the phrase “phone tag”? The first time I used it out loud in a real phone conversation, I felt extremely awkward. I hope to never do it again. For the sake of this blog post, I am going to *type* the phrase, but luckily I won’t be saying it aloud so it won’t feel as awkward. Yesterday and today, my grandpa (“Boppy”) and I were playing phone tag. (Cringe.) I got this lovely voicemail from him today, which I hope to somehow keep forever. When I’m an adult, this message is how I want to remember him, because it sums him up perfectly. Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point! Let me share part of the voicemail and then I’ll explain more.

“…good to hear your voice. You sound so… gosh you’re so grown up. You know, I told you. Maybe I didn’t tell you guys: Don’t grow up. Cause it’s a trap. If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s grow up. Got it? You know what I mean, maybe, huh? Okay, later. Bye.”

If you knew my Boppy, this message would not surprise you. In fact, it would probably make you laugh because he is the epitome of not growing up. He is a grandpa, yet he runs, roller blades, sleds, and does headstands. Each time I talk to him, he gives life advice and/or words of affirmation (that love language must run in the family…). The “typical tidbits:”

  • Don’t spend your life waiting for Friday. Don’t wish time away.
  • I always told your parents you were going be great.
  • Don’t grow up.

He is young at heart. I think he has really enjoyed life, but even so he looks back and wishes he had done it differently; he wishes he hadn’t wished time away. And there he is, giving me the advice to never grow up.

[I’m going to be honest for a second. Well, I’ve been honest this whole blog post… Anyways. I’m not sure where this post is going, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really don’t want to grow up.]

After listening to that voicemail, I went back to playing with the one year old I take care of, and suddenly I got really sentimental. AND SHE’S NOT EVEN MY KID! Why was I sad that she’s “growing up”!? My life…

I suppose the only tell-tale sign of growing up is burden. As we grow older, all of our sorrows, our stresses, and our pains are put on our shoulders. Okay, this is getting tacky. But really. The most youthful people I know are those who don’t let their past stumbles and heartbreaks continue to weigh them down.

breathe in. breathe out. it’s okay. don’t wish for Friday. don’t dwell in the past. it’s settled: live for today.

Enjoy today


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