Sing Anyway.

Slowly… slowly… the blog gets new posts. It’s a roller coaster of blog posts. Two in three days, then nothing for three weeks. That’s ok.

I have two things that I want to incorporate into this post. I think I can tie them together. We will see. I’m a very honest writer… admitting that I really have no agenda for this post other than simply writing it.

Have you ever looked in the mirror (really looked) and had this weird and almost trippy realization that the person you’re looking at is truly you? If you’ve had this experience, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I’m probably freaking you out. Connecting the fact that we are all individual souls with bodies is very strange thing.

There was a time in my college career that I lost myself. Not in a sad way or even a bad way… it’s just that I had come to this point where my once-was and my here-and-now were the farthest apart than they had ever been before. We are always growing and changing, learning and leaving, and there are times when we end up leaping further than we ever intended to.

(Slight subject change that will eventually connect back) I’ve noticed that “what have you been learning [about yourself/life in general]” or the cliche Christian question “what is God teaching you/doing in your life right now?” are both great conversation starters that lead nicely into beyond-surface-level question (aka the best type of conversation). However, that question just doesn’t do it for me. The majority of people I talk to do fine with that question, but I just hate don’t like it. Processing is a must for me. It takes me days to analyze why I chose almond granola bars over peanut at the store. How do people expect me to be able to immediately figure out what’s happening right now!? (Now, thinking about it…. this is something I clearly need to work on…)

For some reason, living alone has given me this sharp wake up call of how-I-once-was. It’s like this:


…but I’m seeing into the past, not the future. But now I’m having this vision of the future in which this blog post gets way to long and deep and in depth about my life and I’m going to try to avoid that at all costs.

Essentially, taking care of my “nanee” has been testing my patience, living alone has been revealing of my weird combination of introversion and extroversion, and I’ve been taking to heart the truth that our pasts to not dictate our future- all that matters is what we do with the here-and-now.

As for what I said at the beginning of this post about wanting to incorporate two specific things in to this post… Well… I forgot what one of them was and I didn’t get the other one in there. So here’s a song.

Ignore the not so eloquent intro…

Oh. I just saw the title of this post and remembered what the point of the post was supposed to be. Awkward. I like the title so I’m going to keep it. It’ll force me to write a real post about it later. And it’ll keep you waiting 😉


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