Why I Love Having a December Birthday

Happy December! A month of pure beauty. (And frigidity, if you live in a cold place like I do.)

Yesterday, I asked some friends if people say “happy birthday” to babies when they come out of the womb. Apparently that’s not a thing. But why not!? In all honesty, that’s the most appropriate time to use that phrase! All other “birthdays” are really just “birthday-versaries.”

I saw this post today, shared by several of my facebook friends. Though I’m not going to go super in depth about how superficial and trivial most of the points are, I will say that I do agree with number 5.

Okay, I lied. I will go a little bit in depth about how superficial and trivial the article is. Essentially, it presupposes that the sole purpose of birthdays is to get stuff and to go out and celebrate, neither of which is true. There is no inherent purpose of birthday-versaries. It simply happens to be that our calendar system allows for us all to remember and celebrate our birthday every now and then. If anything, the “purpose” of our birthday (birthday-versary) is to remind us that we have been given the beautiful gift of life.

Upon reading the article, and clearly becoming frustrated, I tried to find a similar article written by someone who enjoys their December birthday- and with no avail. “If only I had some way to voice my (apparently uncommon) opinion on this topic!!!” I thought. “Oh wait… I do have that blog thing…”

So here I am.

Here are some reasons that having a December birthday is actually the best. (Some are specific to late-December birthdays…)

  1. Not having school on your birthday. Sleep in. Only see people that you want to see. Wear pajamas all day. Whatever floats your boat.
  2. Having the honor of sharing your special day with the advent season or Christmas season. They are both awesome times of celebration! Not to mention that your house will almost surely be decorated (maybe not with decorations for you, but seriously. Christmas decorations are the bomb.com).

    Yeah, yeah. I know it’s blurry. I like it, okay?
  3. Getting to see loved ones. This one particularly bothered me in the Buzzfeed article. Like, I’m sorry that your family comes to town and they don’t make their trip all about you? Sorry that you get to see your family during the holiday season? #Sass. But really, many people don’t get to see extended family for their birthday if it is in the middle of the year, but the holidays bring people together. That’s a great birthday gift!
  4. Your birthday gets an awesome backdrop. Snowy.jpg
  5. The combination of Christmas excitement and birthday excitement. Two times the excitement means two times the joy!
  6. So. Much. Food. Duh.IMG_0671
  7.  A chance to practice humility. If people overlook your birthday because it’s the holiday season, the world will go on. If anything, it gives us a chance to remember that it’s not all about us.
  8. Another chance to practice humility. (In reference to number 21 in the above mentioned article…) If people overlook your birthday because it’s the Christmas season, the world will go on. If anything it gives us a chance to remember that it’s all about HIM!

And…. (drumroll, please!) The final reason to love your December birthday is….

9. It’s your birthday! Sorry, you can’t change it. If you hadn’t been born when you were born, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have been born at all. I know you’re all aware of how babies are made, so I don’t feel the need to further explain this concept. Love your birthday because it was the day that YOU were meant to brought into this world!

Happy advent, ya’ll! (Why did I just say that.) And to all of my fellow December babies… let me be the first to say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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